ASMR videos free on YouTube that help stimulate brain growth healing, like a massage

Just search ASMR and try a video out, people make your head nice n tingly with gentle sounds, like brushes

LeilAloha! What an interesting discovery. You tickled my curiosity and I found a great article about it in The Washington Post.

Thanks for posting!

Seenie from Moderator Support

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Yeah! It was a glorious find! :slight_smile: I was just meant to find it :slight_smile: and of course it works best if you have speakers or headphones but I got it to work with only one speaker working on my tablet :slight_smile:
And what a great article! They know so many great healing things in Russia :slight_smile: I highly recommend this book called anastasia, from the ringing Cedars of Russia series , they’re all amazing book :slight_smile: written by Vladimir megre

It looks so pleasant, I’m going to try it myself some day.

Highly recommend you have some good speakers. The time I have tried it I was nice and sleepy and relaxed and warm Kama that helps to. But then when I tried it another time it couldn’t quite work with just my tiny little tablet speakers so now I’m using my bigger speakers that go with my CD player and that’s working better :slight_smile:

Have to try this method…it does look pleasant I agree.

I listened to one of these last night, and it about put me to sleep. Today, I listened to another, it is like nails on chalkboard. I guess the key is to finding the right person to listen to.

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yeah its worth it to search, scroll, use keywords…I find my fav. with the keywords “asmr male” because I want a kind man to listen to and look at :slight_smile: