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This is the place to discuss all the healing modalities that help you cope with your TBI and help you nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Please remember to discuss any new therapies you are considering trying with your physician.

"Complementary Therapies"
I’m very glad I’ve found this category. I introduced my partner to foot reflexology about a year ago, and I’ve seen incredible physical benefits. He sees a Master Reflexologist every two weeks In addition to stimulating and improving body systems, she’s been able to passively manipulate his neck to relieve headache and subsequent pain (he has a previous diagnosis of spinal stenosis as well as a history of cervical fracture four years ago with his TBI.)

I’ve been a proponent of essential oils since I was a teen, and we have been able to use several to help with sleep, some anxieties, illnesses, and fatigue.

Has anyone tried or had success with cranio-sacral therapy? He and I are thinking about adding it to his regimen, but don’t have a lot of personal experience or recommendations.

We’re learning, and open to discussion and new suggestions.