Constant worry about having a Seizure anyone?

Anyone else had a seizure YEARS LATER due to the TBI?I feel like I am always walking on egg shells and so fragile that I find myself living with such extreme caution that its almost dibilitating. I use to be a living out loud, center of the party kind of woman. Independent and outgoing. Now I feel overly worried all the time!

If you are on meds, or not…Look into CBD’s I have had very good luck with it…But make sure you check with your treating DR. first.

Sometimes I feel that I would do anything to avoid it. So when I sit in my room and don’t talk to anybody well I feel really good about it. Yea going out and walking and spending time with friends are really really helpful. But they run the risk of provoking bad results. It is overwhelming because I want both: avoiding it and yet still having a normal life. Keep at it. Just keep at it. It is OK to be scared, you are not the only one.

I grown out of epilepsy then had many years later. Many different things can cause seizures.

Relaxing techniques help me with anxiety.

All the best.

I have to be careful of aniphilactic shock. All it can take is being in a store and someone walking by with the wrong scent on. I can feel my throat swelling shut so I keep a pill hanging around my neck in one of those small metal nitro vials. Yes I have had to use it and on those occasions I drove directly home to recover and refresh my pill.