Local Fundraiser for Ben's Friends

I wanted to share some good news from a local fundraiser we did last night in San Francisco. Some friends of mine wanted to support Ben's Friends so they held a "bar night get together for Ben's Friends."

It was a big success as we raised $1,225 for Ben's Friends. There were about 80 people there, all from my friends' network. Many people came up to me and told me how a family member or friend had been touched by a rare disease and how they were going to tell their loved one about Ben's Friends. I gave a 5 minute speech about Ben's Friends and talked about our wonderful volunteer moderators and members!. People are really in awe of what we all do together.

It was a very special evening. It's clear that there are many people in the world who recognize what we are doing and want to support us. Thanks for everything you do. It's nice to know that there are so many kind hearts out there in the world.

If you would like to host a fundraiser get together, please let me know and I'll help you coordinate!