My artistic side: Poem- "Pirates all the same"

See an eye patched man
No one speaks a word
In the distance is heard a grunt
With the flying of a bird

How strange is it
Thinking right then wrong
Believing complex emotion
Can be lyrics of a song

Burning of his eyes
Has no rythmn or thought
Some ideas cant be learned
Though others still taught

No one approaches
The reason seems clear
Amongst the scruffy black
Is felt a sense of fear

Knowing whats to come
A question that drives us mad
Thinking of the worst
Will only make us sad

Nothing has been done
Just a drop in the sea
From the abyss of the chin
Falls bark from a tree

Not a drink has been taken
With the waves remaing still
This action of normality
Has created an abnormal chill

A look of surrender
Drifts over the eyes
Theres simplicity in the face
While another attempts to hide

Tired and angery
Fear to reveal a name
Without beard or barrel
We are pirates all the same


ItalianSun! I just happened to do a quick check on this community and there is the poem you gifted us with a couple of years ago.

How are you doing? We haven’t heard from you for ages. Drop by and let us know how things are with you, won’t you?

Seenie from ModSupport

Hey Mod, I’ve been doing alright… since we last talked I’ve actually had a relationship that fell apart, had the passing of my grandpa earlier this month and (one positive) am one more semester away from graduating college w my A.A. So overall its been a mixed bag of emotions.