TBI Struggles

Oh my goodness I have hit a brick wall, this is the worse ever.

Mostly I want to give up.

I am too tired to keep on going.

Hi Danielle, don’t give up! I know things get tough, I’m right there with you. Have you talked with your neurologist about this? He may be able to change up your medicine. Mine has me on Lamictal XR, plus Abilify. It is helping a lot, I no longer cry all the time! Please talk to your dr before it gets too bad!
We love you,

Having sumone to talk to helps ALOT. Pets also help. ‘They’ listen well!! Make sure that you get enough sleep also. Diet also makes a BIG difference also.

Hey Danielle,
I think 90% of us in this mess get to that very same point at some stage. This is not an easy journey. For some people who are born with disabilities it can be a little easier because they don’t have a before/after, but for those of us who do remember ‘before’ the ‘after’ and the battles ‘after’ can be massive. But, let’s face it, we have come so far from the initial after was and if we got past the initial OMG, we already have the skills to deal with whatever life throws at us.
I know all too well how long and difficult this battle can be, but there are services out there that can assist, all you need to do is ask. Here’s some contact detail of such services in Belfast:
Divis Community Centre
Ardmoulin Street
BT12 4RT
Northern Ireland
Phone 07557 957 624

Brain Injury Matters

Musgrave Park Hospital
Belfast BT9 7JB
07826 909110

Danielle these services are there to help, that’s their job. Please make contact, even if it’s just to talk and know that we are here if you need.

Thinking of you

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I don’t have a neurologist and have been taking Fluoxetine 20mg, at first it helped me though now I am worse.

It is good you have found something that helps you. I feel a bit better today.

Thank you for caring.

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Hi Merl,

Thank you for your help, I am in contact with Headway using their counselling service. I will join some of their groups mixing with others with a TBI soon. This should help break the isolation, Brain injury matters have invited me to use thier services only it is a fair distance away from where I live.

Doing things we know will benefit us and doing is hard. Breaking through the barrier proves difficult.

I phone up the tbi support line when I cannot cope

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Too tired. I have so many people depending on me I can not quit. Find some volunteer work that you can do that will give you purpose. Some days I am so exhausted I have to rest every few hours. I rest and then get back at it. Volunteering gives my life purpose. If you do not have a pet get one. I am on my third cat. MY cats always knew when I was sick and having a bad day.

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Hey Danielle,
It’s good to hear that you are already in contact with services, use them to your advantage, that’s what they are there for. I also MUST agree with Hartcreek in regard to volunteering. I did this for many years, back when I could, I really enjoyed it. It broke down my incessant negative thoughts as I was doing something productive, this lead me to doing some studies and getting employment assisting others. It also helped me in building up my own support network. I couldn’t recommend it more.

Pets are good too, although I’d never admit that to the wife :wink: She/we have a little mutt who tries to rule the roost. She would let him rule it too, me not so much. I’m the boss, not the damn dog “Ohh but he’s so cute” she says, But I think it’s all a ploy so he can get away with being a ratbag dog :grinning: