I joined this website to try and feel less alone. I am high functioning and I have yet to meet anyone in my age range, who is also as high functioning as I am with a TBI. I would like to have friends who also have a TBI so that we can understand each others struggles and be there to help if we can. If anyone would like to make a friend or penpal online please let me know.


I assume the picks of the mva you were involved in…looks awful.

I sent you a friend deal


I am also a lot like you where I’m in the high functioning range but still need support. You can always just private message through this website. I am here to share experiences, thoughts, etc. Remember your not alone.

I too am considered high functioning, I'm 42 yrs old in Florida & my accident was 12/29/10, so I just passed my 4th "brainday". I'm considered cognitively intact but I'm physically impaired & I have problems with endurance & over-stimulation...I lost approx 60 days memory post-accident & my short term memory is a bit impaired but not bad, other than that, my memory is all there...I worked as a nurse in my pre-TBI life, so I tend to know too much for my own good LOL...if you want a longer version of my story, let me know...if you need someone to talk to, we are all pretty good at that

I am also considered high functioning, I will be 23 in about 11 days. My accident was September 14, 2014 so its still pretty fresh and I would really like to connect with some one who has been through similar ordeals. I am considered fully cognizant. My biggest problem is my hearing loss in my left ear. The only memory loss I have is of the actual accident. I also forget words sometimes when speaking and it takes me a minute to find the word I was trying to say, I also slur slightly but only when I am really tired. Flashing and bright lights and loud noises also do me dirty, give me great big migraines. But anyway, I am always looking for someone to talk to.

I’ve grown up with my injury. Since I became a teenager I’ve received more trauma to my head. I’m definitely high functioning thanks to a lot of self rehab and determination. Sadly this is an invisible disability and feel alone most of the time since none of the people in my life grasp what a TBI is. Feel free to contact me.