Why do others get to me easy :(

Back again everyone, this time I am feeling pretty down because this guy has helped me for 6 months and now disappeared. I need to stay strong focusing on my life. Way to many in the past got me off track with my life before.

Tomorrow I will be talking to someone official about my other study. So need to keep a clear head.

Taking one day at a time, certain things are a task with my motivation mainly but do it.

I find writing a list out at night time, of what I have to do the next day. Helps cut out most of the added stress.

Sounds like your plate is over full. And it is full of not so tastey stuff. From what you are saying though, it is meaningful to you, like broccoli-- healthy but not always fun.

Kudos to your academic pursuits.

Some people really enjoy the GTD task management method. I do something simpler: a list with two headings “Action” and “Worry”.

Everything I care about is on there. I only have 3-5 items on the “Action” list. If I think of more during the day, I add it to “Worry”. I look at it in the beginning of the day. But not the end: my brain and mind need a break. They all live in a text file or notebook for the topic. So one for Personal. One for Family. You might have one for Geology 300, for eample.

It takes that gobblygook out of my head and onto paper so it isn’t lost.

Your practice sounds really nice.

I too write daily lists these past 3 weeks. It helps me remain focused as my mind can get overwhelmed.

All the best.