Am I the only one?

I get frustrated when I ask this certain someone to be quiet nicely and they keep on winding me up. I have got quite a few triggers has anyone else?.

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Oh I do lol,good luck making people respect your boundaries.

I would understand if I provoked them.

amazing, but why is that ?

I’ve noticed that the more confused or disoriented I feel, the easier it is to get to my buttons. Am trying to recognize those moments and look at and ask myself “why”? is this causing me to react this way. Attempting to release my attachments, even though each day has different cognitive realities. Still, increasing my awareness is helping with my emotional reactivity. Don’t know if this will help you, as well as my buttons are oftentimes very easy to reach. Maybe one day, no buttons. Many blessings your way. Aloha, Todd

Danielle , I’m three years post now . I’ve learned that when I think I’ve got this figured out I get set back . I just stay out of situations that I can’t handel . I get so angery some days cry like a baby the next . TBI is complex , sorry you are having a tough time . Keep pushing forwards god is good .

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Hey Danielle,
I have been there too. Some people just LOVE to push other people’s buttons and when they know of or can see someone’s vulnerability it’s as if it’s an invite. To me it shows their lack of consideration to those around them and by telling them so it gives them more ammunition.
And yes, I have a few triggers but most of them are environmental ie weather, sunlight, noise etc. Others I ‘try’ to treat as environmental. If people are annoying I ‘try’, when I can, to remove myself from their vicinity or them from my environment. This is not always possible but I’ve also learnt not to give them ammunition.
I know I’ve mentioned this before but there’s a saying
“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change (other people)
Courage to change the things I can (Me)
And the wisdom to know the difference”
There are ALWAYS going to be A/holes in this world, I just ‘try’ not to be one of them.
P.S. Where I say ‘try’ I mean I’m not always successful