Chance at Redemption

Often people get nervous over the simplest of activities: dancing, talking, taking a test, but for me yesterday was different. I thought of bringing this to light with friends of mine, but you all would truly understand what I mentally am going through. Last night, I went to a concert, with a date. To me, this brought up memory of my past mistakes. The most vivid of them all was when I was a junior in high school, and living the single life. I had been invited to the showing of the Nutcracker and had grown nerve enough to find myself a date. …I ditched at the last second, too nervous to go through with it, as I made up some excuse for not going.

Now seven years later, I have made it happen. My thoughts were all over the place, but I found a place of calmness that I didn’t think existed. I am a survivor of heart break, divorced parents, and yet on this night I rewrote a story that I was too afraid to write before. I have now stepped back into a world that, as a person w a TBI, can be afraid of journeying into.

What I ask is for prayers. Prayers that after all these years of hiding who I was, a TBI stricken individual, that I remain brave. Love is out there, not just for me, but for each of us. My hope is that she can look past my non-conventional way of thinking and that I can be the best person I can be for her…


Hear, hear! Keep at it!

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OH, sweet Italian, how sweet!
I will be praying for you, but I believe you are stronger and braver than you think.
I will also be praying that she is the best person she can be for you…because you deserve it, my friend. Love ya!

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How nicely worded… I hope you find happiness so much…You have a big heart, and I believe that special someone will adjust if any of the little brain injury deficits come up…You deserve it…I believe you are fortunate enough to have had the power and strength to get stronger and stronger! More than you think. I hope it is true that all of us brain injured survivors (with each brain injury being so unique)-Can find someone special enough to be that significant other.I have struggled with this concept for myself many times because my physical and emotional symptoms have not healed well, but I know I am a sweet person ( pretty smart):however I feel in my case being so limited-- it will take a special person to be able to share a relationship with me…That is ok…I believe that it is not going to be the case forever because I am way too cool…lol I will pray for you that everything falls into place, and you are blessed with the strength for an awesome relationship…I am praying for others as well with brain injuries if they want that closeness again with another person…God Bless you my long lost friend…Wondering if you still have the manger?Did it go with you in your travels…Take Care

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Thank you Christine for the words of support, I hope the same. Yea, I actually have the nativity sitting at the foot of my bed, its been there since November :slight_smile:

You are welcome…I am probably where you were when we were good friends talking a lot, but worse…I do not know if I am worse but I have not healed at all… I have a very sad deression and anxiety,I pick myself up and dust myself off with help of God or my angels… I have been crying a lot because they took me off a new med that was HORRIBLE for any human…I was trying to survive by gently cutting back some meds…BAD idea for now I need them.My last MRI was not good…My doctors are working on it ,I still have my physical symptoms, and I have had to hire someone to help me because I cant drive and need help…I am trying not to depend on family and friends by being a burden, so I have managed to put rides for me with taxi’s to doctors…peapod delivers my food, and I have amazon prime…I am desperately trying to hold on to my friends…They are still here so far…Jason I am happy for you to be able to come so far from your accident…I know you will not be as shy and the world is opened for you… enjoy…I will pray for you…Please pray for me when you go to church…I am in a bad place, but I remain positive for my sons… I am glad you did set up the nativity scene… makes what friendship we shared for a short period seemed validated , God Bless you Jason…May your brain injury heal as mch as possible and the deficits you have–try adapting which I am sure you do…