I am a 59 year old with paralysis on right side from a TBI I had on September 9, 1987. there is a plate in my head where my skull was fractured. just had surgery yesterday for a hernia. i make bad decisions since head injury, a 'collatwerall damage'. not feeling very well, must lay down. will talk soon. peace

Hope you are feeling better and thanks for blogging.

Welcome. Many will relate to your experiences. Thanks for adding your experiences to the conversation.

Hello Samwise and welcome! Hope you feel better soon!

Samwise I am 65 yr old-TBI May 17, 1970. I have made lots of bad decisions "collateral damage"? I do not know but most likely! Lot of memory loss and some language problems, Now since 2005 TBI, cannot do well with #'s and sometimes have a different reality than other people. See different written #'s and words than are actually there. Much worse anxiety and depression than before.

Just think of what you can do.You have to remember that line that JFK said "The only thing we have to fear is, fear itself." same thing can be said with TBI Things you can not do are able to over come, the only thing that you can't overcome is things that you don't try. If you are here and know when to stop and rest then you have overcome so much. TBI is just a label, no one took your spirit, take that; hold it close and make it though just like you did with the hernia surgery.