Does anyone still have pain where you were fractured

It’s been 12 long years living with my TBI and I still have days when my fractured area throbs with pain. Wondering if any of you experience pain like mine?


I was wondering about that myself…I didn’t have headaches or pain in the locations I was hit at first…that was Feb 2016 but then in sept 2016 I did start having pain in the area I was hit, and it has gradually gotten worse. Also the pain in that area is now daily…I wish I could understand about the delay…? and i fear that this is going to be permanent…the pain gets so intense that I cannot focus on anything going on around me. The pain hits me quick…lasts a bit then goes away…hours later the same thing. at least it leaves me alone for a bit…

Interesting. My pain comes only when I’m tiered or have over worked mentally. I usually lay down on a pillow and nap. That usually helps elevate the pain. It does go away but I have been living like this for 16 years. I said it was 12 years but I am wrong…It’s been 16. Hope your pain get better or you can go see a neurologist about that. Sounds different than mine. God bless.

When I over-do it the pain comes back. It is predictable. I went to a bone doctor to see if he saw anything wrong. Nope. It is all in my head (hahaha pun intended).

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I had a dr (GP) tell me the same thing… …until I collapsed. Then I went to hospital via ambulance and the specialist says “Why didn’t you comeback and see me?” Because to see him I need a referral from my GP who says “It is all in my head”. DAMN DR’S. I was going around and around in circles. Talk about headspins :tired_face:


The most difficult part about brain injuries is often the fact that most of us no longer can regulate our own temperature! :cry:
Often pain is due to overheating. I rolled up a wet towel, and froze it in a U shape, and put it around my neck, that helps a lot!
I also roll on biofreeze on my scalp, temples, neck and upper forehead, that helps with pain and cooling!
I even often wear a tank top, and bring a long sleeved shirt in case I need it.
And for my fellow females, BRAS overheat SIGNIFICANLY! So I simply use scotch tape to be a good nipple flattener bra, so I remain way cooler in temperature. I also have shirts with lace or stritching in a way that makes a pattern that hides my nipples enough for social safety. Cotton is best.
Eating fruit and vegetables in warm weather helps cool one, too, and avoiding much grain, dairy, and sugar(especially added sugar on ingredients lists, ex:sugar in peanuts, and using white sugar) and fat helps lower our body temperature. :blush::green_heart:
Hope this helps!

You’re funny! :joy: I know you were being facetious. I haven’t been able to see a dr. for the head (not a Phyc) in 16 years. I’ve told them I have head pain where the fracture is, but they don’t know of any to send me to. I scheduled an appointment with a dr. for arthritis and told her about it, and she said, you can’t have any arthritis there because there is no joints or bones there. I was let down again. All I can do is live with it. Headspins is right! :confounded:

Thanks LeilAloha! I didn’t know our pain was related to heat. Is it really? Wow. So you saying if I cool down my head then my pain should also get better. That’s something I never knew about the brain. I really appreciate your input on this as a TBI yourself. :wink:

I was very frustrated by the fact that none of my doctors warned me about my problems overheating, it wasn’t until I had to go to the emergency room one time from complications from a fever and how I was mysteriously better once I was in the hospital, and there was a specialist in brain injuries present and she let me know that often we just can’t control our own temperature anymore after a brain injury. And nowadays I invested in something called elastic gel
Below is a safe link to click on to see the cranial cap I use

I got the large size
And even though it only stays cold for 20 minutes and cool for 40 minutes, it’s a blissful helpful 20 minutes. I need to rest and recover after over working my brain or overheating my brain for much less time.

And my boyfriend’s car’s air conditioner broke so I was able to get in the car anyway for a short ride to a nearby park because of that head ice pack elasto gel thing. So it can really help keep you cool for a blessed 20 minutes and I can really help headaches like nothing else.

And also, you might be just feeling where they put the metal plate in your head, I’m guessing they had to put a metal plate in your head. Because I always can feel that metal plate in my head like smashing my muscles or I don’t know it it feels like someone is pressing very hard on my head 24/7 you might be feeling that too. You’ll just get used to that. Anyway I hope you’re able to freeze a towel into a you shape, or buy an elasto gel or find something to help you cool your head off it’s really worth it
During the summer I eat mostly greens and fruits and avoid a lot of fatty meats and avoid much starch because bread and Dairy really can overheat you and eating mostly vegetables can really help cool you down

I even bring a lot of mint tea with me when I go out and that helps cool me off a bit
I also roll a lot of biofreeze on my head and neck, that helps cool me off too, and is easy to bring with me and use right away