Frustrated and worn out

Today it was an awful day for me. I felt more alone today then I ever did. Everything building up inside. Our car needs inspected and the funds ran out and need my car to get to doctors. I felt it was hopeless with nobody to turn too. I am tired hearing everything is gone to be okay. No its not even I know that. I never gone to be the person I use to be. Head trauma Injury had a great impact on my life. Today was the day the thoughts once again ran through my head to be my last day. No worry I would never end my life being the fact I am a Christian and I know suicide is a sin and I sure do not want to spend eternity in Hell. I just was so down it seem I had a heavy load on my back. Trying to raise funds up to get our car inspected. No worries it is my problem and I always fight my battles alone.

Support from family that is a laugh. Hearing all the negative just dragged me down today. I even wished my head injury never happen and wonder what my life would be like if it never did happen but it did happen and I do my best to deal with it the best way I know. I have trouble communicating wanting to get out what I want to say it always comes out wrong. Forgetting, lapse of memory. I just worn out on top of it living with Lupus. Lord, you promised you would not gives us no more than we can handle well I had my share over the years. I feel frustrated and annoyed, irritated so I walked two miles today to just get some me time a place to be alone to cry my eyes out. I cried for a good 45 minutes. Nobody understands or care how I feel. I feel so paralyzed anymore to where I can't feel nothing. Tired fighting battles. I have to fight a lot of batle living with TBI. Sorry just releasing some of my frustrations.

We care how you feel, dparwaugh. I am sorry you had a rough day. Are you able to see a counselor? Counseling might help you cope. I know you have had a lot of difficult days this year. Hang in there.

If it wasn't for my counselor who knows were I would be???

I hope for a better day tomorrow for you!!!

I have experienced many days like those (now some 25 years), with even more physical conditions, probably from all the stress that living with a head injury and poverty and lack of support. It's o.k to have a bad days; if not, you wouldn't recognize the good ones. I'm glad you were able to walk and cry. It often helps. Hugs!

No where in the scriptures is it written that God won’t put more on you than you can stand. Things can become more than we can stand, so we call on him for help, love, and strength. Stay strong, your not alone!