Major Depression

It has been a while since I last posted.

I was trying to build a life for myself and now since COVID 19 has been taken away from me. It was difficult already and now my dreams have gone forever. On top of my depression is made 1000x worse. There is no reason to get out of bed or in fact what is the point of trying to make a life for me.

Am I on my own feeling like this?

I have got no idea how to pull myself out of the pit I am stuck down. My motivation in the present circumstances is 0.


Hi @Danielle. No you are not on your own feeling this. FWIW COVID-19 seems to be hitting all survivors very very hard right now. I mean, that is on top of the normal stuff, so… its not very pleasant right now.

FWIW I’d give myself a break if I were you. Some things are actually very hard and maybe too hard. I thought about it a lot during quarantine (a month now) and you know, brain injuries are hard and complicated and confusing. I guess what I’m trying to share is that sometimes perhaps it can be easy for us when we cut ourselves some slack. It works for me. Might work for you. Either way we are here for you.


Hey Danielle,
These are some challenging times. In fact the most challenging times for over 100yrs according to many reports and for many of us our whole lives have been placed on hold. But, if there is one thing to take from all of this is that we are ALL dealing with the same thing. The damn near the whole world is in lockdown, admittedly our indecisive politicians don’t help ie “…It’s just a flu…” “…we have it under control…” If this is what is known as ‘under control’ then God help us all.

“Am I on my own feeling like this?” No, you most certainly are not, this is out of control EVERYWHERE.
There are some pluses, there are heaps of online opportunities. Online courses are one. You know how to use a computer. Due to Covid there are a lot of older people with no knowledge of computers now finding they need it to communicate with family. You can assist by passing your knowledge on to others.

Danielle, you have shown you have the strength to push on through HUGE challenges put up in front of you and this is just another challenge. We have needed to be flexible and resilient to push forward in our journey, so you’ve shown you have the skills. This is another one of those challenges and sure we don’t know where this challenge will lead, but let’s face it, we didn’t know where the challenge of our TBI’s would lead either and yet, here we are. We can get through this.

As for motivation, hmmm. ‘Motivation’ is related to movement and at the moment the governments restricting ALL movement for everyone. That is outside of your control, it’s outside of everybody’s control. We can only be responsible for what we have control of ourselves and in this COVID situation we have no control what so ever. But we are ALL in this together.

I find if I can keep my mind occupied I can calm things down to manageable. If I let my mind go… …OHHH HELL. What a mess?


Thank you, I now experience happier times before getting sad. I think adjusting isn’t easy for envy one to the new normal.

I enjoy helping others hence volunteering was fun. I would love to help people during lockdown. It is unfortunate lots of people are experiencing similar rules. I attended college doing ICT and I have moved to studying online at home and the course finishes in June 2020.

Thanks for believing in me Merl and thanks for the tip about keeping my mind occupied brings calmness. I do notice keeping busy helps me cope better before that dreaded awful feeling.

Thank you for your advice.

Just know that adjusting is hard, and, that it is possible. It is possible to adjust. Don’t push yourself too hard on that. It is your journey and it can help to do it as you see fit. We’re all here for you. There is no manual for how to do this right so take it day by day if you need to. Be well and have a good one.

Today was grocery shopping day we went early this morning and my head is fuzzy because of lack of sleep. I should be okay once I re energise my reserves.

Thank you, I will learn to be mindful of the day rather than looking far ahead. Thanks again for the support is appreciated. :slight_smile:

I am here if you need to talk Occipital returning kindness.

To save creating a new thread. I can keep busy with things when really my life is over. :frowning: The pain inside of me hurts so much. :frowning: There is nothing left. My whole life has been a struggle. :frowning: I wish I could have been more positive. :frowning:

Sorry Danielle, I missed this.
This is NOT easy and anyone who tells you otherwise has never been here. The changes we have to make are not normal, others outside of this reality often just ‘don’t get it’. Some may try to comprehend it all, but honestly, they can’t. They may see from the outside and make THEIR judgement from that, but they don’t see nor feel the anguish of it all. I haven’t been able to express it, how do I put across ‘BLAH’ and the impact this has on ‘whole-of-life’? It’s just not that simple. On the bad days I have had some people comment 'Ohh you look awful…" and I tell them “You want to have a look from this side…” what they can see is a small % of what I’m trying to manage and often they have absolutely no idea, they never will and I have to accept that. I’ve tried to educate some people and usually get one of two responses, either shock at the reality of it all or that look like I’m an alien with 3 heads, disbelief. The other bit I get is that line ‘Ohh it can’t be THAT bad…’ and that just makes my blood boil.

Danielle, we know that hurt, we know those struggles because we live it too. We all have those down times and that’s OK, so long as we come out the other side stronger for it. We can learn from these struggles Danielle and use those skills to get past the next hurdle. But in the meantime please know we are here for you.

I hope things do get a bit easier.