Nero feedback and Lazer whatever it's called

My nerologist called me today because lawyer stuff and to tell me about some Lazer therapy he can do now.

He encouraged me before to do biofeedback before but it really wasn’t going to happen at the time two years ago and still probably isn’t.
Has anyone done it? Honestly I’m not really sure I by into it.

He then told me about doing Lazer something something treatments with him (he’s in Maryland im in Texas. Like yeaaaahhhh not probably happening. But some other guy it Dallas does it.)

It’s supposed to be super super new and everyone got so much help from it blah blah blah.
Like everything else insurance, no insurance, is gonna cover it.

But you can actually buy the machine and do it at home. Go figure. Nobody is going to tell you that of course. I’m sure buying the machine would overall be less expensive.

Has anyone tried this new therapy? Honestly it sounds more likely than biofeedback, not that I’ve tried that.

He told me not to give up hope like lol I gave that up years ago but sure.

If it actually worked like they say that would be great. But again not holding my breath. Especially because he said I’d have to wait till after my settlement when I have money (duh).

That’ll happen in who knows another 3 or 4 years?

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Hey Caitlin,
Best of luck with it. I’ve been and tried a few differing therapies from chiropractic to botox therapy, from hydrotherapy to TENS. None of which has been the ‘magic bullet’. They have all been expensive and the newer the treatment the more costly they are from my experience. I believe that due to the vast array of brain injuries and their associated symptoms, certain treatments may be a miracle cure for some but have very little benefit for others. One of my neuro’s promised a benefit from botox, but the only benefit was to his wallet. Then when I informed him that I wasn’t receiving any improvement, it was made out to be my fault and probably a psych issue. It seems that it is easier to blame psych, blame the patient.
The insurer will want to try and send you for every treatment possible, the longer it takes to treat, the less likely they are to have to payout. The day you reject a treatment option is the day they reject your claim.


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Hey Caitlin

Your post really made me wonder about what your neurologist might be talking about. I did a quick google and look what I found!
I get what you are saying about its probably not being accessible to you, and I’m sorry about that. If you are straight up with the neuro about not being able to pay, I wonder whether he knows of some kind of a fund that will help people access new therapies. Drug companies sometimes do this for people who cannot pay for their own. It’s worth asking, and who knows what you may get out of it.

I also want to thank you for leading me to an interesting article. I enjoy reading about new technologies and treatments. And even better: I have a friend who is suffering badly from post concussion syndrome. I’m going to show her this. I know she will be interested.

Thank you so much for your post! And please contact your neuro again to see whether they can organize something. Try hard, as Merl says, because it’s to your advantage to see whether there’s any way they can provide it to you.

Seenie from ModSupport

Do you have a metal plate in your head? Is that safe with a metal plate in your head? Ask the neurologist and do a search on the internet as to whether it’s safe with the metal plate in your head

I believe this is a very good question Leilaloha, but I also believe that any decent practitioner should establish, which medications have been used trialled, what ‘appliances’ are in situ and what previous treatments have been used/trialled at any initial consultation anyway.
For me, I know some of the drug interactions can be deadly. If a dr is not asking such questions prior to treatment, I’m leaving before the treatment starts. Again, for me, I have an appliance called a shunt, with a magnetic valve. If the dr’s recommend an MRI, I’m questioning them. MRI’s mess with the valve settings. The last thing I need is anymore negative impacts caused by dr’s.
I think what I’m saying here is that we have to be proactive about our own situations