Six hour Neuro Testing?

I had 6 hour testing today. Wow. Has anyone else did it? I did way better than I thought! I tried really, really hard. I know I did so much better than I expected!!! I am so tired. They were really nice. Results two weeks. Can you all share if you had ? I will post results. too

Oh yes…I have had 6 or 7 of them…Just had a 2 plus hour one for SS two months ago…They drain me, and take days if not weeks to recover! I guess scientifically they are very accurate at finding the problem areas of are brains and kan even tell if people are faking…I dont know how, but thats what Ive been told.

Yep. Had that done a while back. Took 8 hours. Put me back 6 months in recovery but it was kinda worth it to know what was wrong and be able to say hey look I’m not “faking” it.

If someone asked me to do it again I’d laugh and probably run away screaming though! Glad it sounds like it went well though. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m in some kind of grant funded study. It hurts sometimes you try so hard and when you do good they kind of look at you like your faking it almost. There really is poor understanding. Luckily they have broken mine up into three two hour sessions. But it still wipes me out.