No end in sight

I had multiple traumatic brain and spinal injuries a little over 20 years ago. I was diagnosed at the time but didn’t have insurance and tbi was not treated back then as it is today.
After 5 to 7 years I started having hallucinations, paranoid dilutions, and violent mood swings. By that time I had totally forgotten about my head injuries and I was never instructed that I would need treatment. I went to the psychiatrist where they diagnosed me with bi-polar schizo affective disorder without ever asking me if I had ever had a head injury.
I then proceeded to be a walking zombie guinea pig for 10+ years pumped full of the maximum amounts of powerful tranquilizers that never worked the way they were suoposed to and some would even cause me to be manic. When I would tell my doctor that the pills weren’t working they would say, “Okay, keep taking those, but we are going to add these pills with the others, they should work better together”. They never ever worked.
My concept of time is off but a year or two ago I was watching a show on ex boxers or football players with tbi and something clicked, that’s what’s wrong with me! Thats what’s been wrong all these years! That’s why cannabis is the only thing that’s helped!
The doctor had only told me that I may not survive and would definitely have problems later in life from the one subdural hematoma but that was it. I was never helped, I was never pointed in the right direction to get the right medications I needed. At the time I decided enough was enough I was taking around 15 pills a day, some of which should NOT have been prescribed together let alone prescribed to someone with tbi.
I am doing much better now on a few herbal supplements and cannabis, praise God through Jesus for this plant.

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Yes, I was a huge skeptic if medical marijuana could help me at all…After a few friends then 2 Dr.s suggested after 4 years I gave in…
Yes, I am now pro MM…I now sleep 6 to 8 hours each night…My headaches are under control, and overall mental health much better…

For close to 7 years they fed me the antidepressants and all I did was walk in a fog and not feel!

So all I can say is I agree with you…It may not be for everyone or even legal in your state or country…But it has changed my life for the better!

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I have to agree 100%, here, in Oz, canna has only been approved for certain ailments and only after every other option has been exhausted. Mental illness is not one of those ailments. In fact Canna has been labelled as causative for those with borderline mental health issues. I am by no means saying that canna is a cure nor a magic potion but it has assisted me in managing my pain over the pharma crap that the dr’s like to push my way. I have attempted to obtain approval for canna only to be labelled a druggie. In my opinion, if it works, who cares? ME!!! It may not work for others and this I completely agree with, but for me again, it has worked. For the dr’s and govt to be making it near on impossible for me (and others) to ‘legally’ access is a crime in itself, but it seems all OK for the medicos to prescribe every other concoction the big pharmas want to push and that’s ok.
There is something seriously wrong with this equation.


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Aye Merl, I remember you from long ago in there. So how ya been ?

Hey Johnbarryy,
Yea, I’m still here. How’s things with you? It’s been a while since I’ve heard from some of the older members. Nothing much has changed for me, I’m a bit more resolved to the fact that this is about as good as it’s gonna get, which is still as frustrating as all hell. The medico’s won’t let me return to work, so I just have to manage the best way I can and as I’ve said before I’m sure "…it’s all shit, it’s just the depth that varies…"
It’s my understanding that the Mod’s (the ones who know what they are doing anyway) are in the process of getting chat up and running, so hopefully some more of the older members will return. One can only hope.
I hope to see you around here a bit more. I drop by most days when I’m OK to sit in front of the monitor and see whose about, so don’t be a stranger.

You are strong and admirable for what you have gone through with courage and persistence. Keep at it.

well you seem like you’re getting along. Aboutlike me, I do the best I can with what I’ve got. I hope those ‘Powers That Be’ can get the place functioning again so the group will thrive, take care. TBI … you only know it if you live it

AWESOME, and Totally Groovy

Merl, I found my way back in here once again. tell everyone that I’m still around let me know when the best time to come in

Hey Johnbarry,
Hey, he’s back lol Lots of the old crew have disappeared with the change over which has been disappointing. There is a version of chat available but it’s difficult to see who is in and when. I think we may need to set up a gmt time to all meet up again, trying to workout time zones is just way to difficult.
Good to see you’re still around.
Don’t be a stranger


…Yes Merl it’s been a very tough and difficult path but here I am. Many times I felt like there was somebody who was keeping me locked out of here, but somehow I managed to keep checking back. I kept on and kept on. TBI … you only know it if you live it

Hey Johnbarryy,
Yea, since the chat forum/platform was changed there has been very little movement on these pages which hasn’t been good. So although it may seem ‘the lights are on but nobody’s home’ at times, I’m still here(in the dark). lol


Well Well,

             And Hello again;

                                          now if I could only figure out how to get back there.

Merl, great to hear from you again, I’ll try to find my way to that place soon

Hey Johnbarry,
I’m still here. I drop in here each day. So yea I’m still around


merl I’m glad of that. At least there’s someone who remembers me

Yea I certainly still remember you Johnbarry

ok, I’m still not finding an actual chat-room, which as I recall is a box that people could log into and we would all type sentences and communicate with each other. Am I doing something wrong?

Hey Johnbarry,
I agree, the chat platform certainly needs some work. The techy blokes are making alterations over the whole Ben’s Friends network as I’m sure you can see. I have mentioned about some of the issues with chat, but I’ll be sure to mention it again. I have informed them on just how much of a vital tool chat was for the tbi members and I have noticed changes to the platform but its not as ‘user friendly’ as the former platform which is disappointing. When I talk to and get some feedback from the people who know these systems I’ll let you know.


Hey Johnbarryy,
OK so I spoke to the techy mods and they’ve informed me that they have done some work on the chat. I have also tried to get myself into chat, but either there is no one else there at the times I’ve tried or I’ve stuffed it up (probably the later). Could you give it another go and possibly make some specific notes on the issues, I mean, I can say there are issues but if I can’t explain them to the techys it’s a bit of a waste of time just saying chat doesn’t work. We may need to setup a time where we can both be in there at the same time to bounce off each other. Let’s see if we can’t get this chat working properly because as far as I’m concerned it’s a big part of the Ben’s Friends Network, especially for us TBIers.
Let me know of a time that would suit if you’d like to meet up in the new chat platform.

Aye, hello again Merl. Hoping that all is well and things get worked out soon. Looks like this is the only way to communicate in here. Tell everyone ‘hello’ for me if anyone remembers me