Problem with this world today-Nobody wants to hear the truth

Nobody wants to hear the truth. And when you share the truth people becomes offended. I had a few head injuries to my brain…it changed my life but I accepted it is now part of my life so I had to deal with it the best way I knew how too but I also needed helped…people praying for me during my stay in the hospital laying in a coma for four months is why I am here today. Power of Prayer. Sadly, but so true…People wants a quick fix and that is not reality…not how life works. I couldn’t be more grateful for the people praying over me. The Truth shall set you “Free!”

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You appear confident that, whether or not others listen or not to you, the truth will ultimately be heard because truth after all appears to speak to your soul. Your conscious speaks for you and you appear to be developing a tolerant mind. Truth appears to be your ultimate value. Your freedom in truth appears to be in a voice which cannot be ignored. Thank you!