Question....How do you guys who are suffering with a TBI remain so positive and display a positive outlook on life?

I need some insight on how you guys remain so positive.

To be honest . I don’t think we are all positive all the time . There are bad dark days. So when you have a few good days it brightens your life . I’ve learnt TBI is not an easy fix. Just keep on and savour the good days and forget the bad ones .

Thanks Ruby for responding. I know you probably have your good days and bad days. I think focusing on the good days will make things somewhat easier. Thanks for your honesty.

To be perfectly honest, for myself, it is all an act. I pretend for the sake of my family most of the time. I think in that pretense I convince myself to actually be a little bit more positive. I try and remain realistic about what I can do and achieve. Focus on that. When I accomplish those little things, a little more is added. Very slow process, but it does give hope which helps me pretend to be more positive than I truly feel. Small victories have been my rock.

Just to know that each case is different is up lifting. For my case everyone can not believe how well I have come back. I am here to learn about TBI not to see the dark side but to just learn where I came from. I do not think I have had any lasting affects. I can drive, remember things; short and long term, remember tastes I have had and still like and don't like. I don't swim, still can't. The way I stay positive is knowing that I am teaching the medical field about TBI that they have not known before I came along. This country is in so much trouble because this medical field and how it does not treat the people in it. We are in the middle of all this crap every step forward is just that a step forward. You use the word suffering but remember TBI is just a label that has been placed on us. They don't know anything about TBI be positive and show that the human spirt can come out the other side on top and shouting "i made it". If you are on this board you have made it. The Lord has a plan for each one of us and use that to be positive and show that human sprit can overcome even this.