SURGERY SCHEDULED - Petrified Is Understatement

Okay so here I am complaining of being in pain for months. Months I tell you. I lose a lot of use in my R arm and the Dr. who is handling my PT, OT, and ST says to be I am not putting in enough effort. He also shoots down and declines all referrals sent by the OT to help me. He never does Xrays or CT Scan of previous fractures etc. My TBI continues and I have so much anxiety now, it is all consuming and overwhelming....but mostly pain pain pain...but noone will listen. He said I should be healed by now and is not extending therapies and all my pain in my R side and R Scapula is most likely anxiety related

Meanwhile the Orthopedic Dr is only focused on his Scapula study and doesn't ever follow up on my other fractures....even after my PCP requested them to.....many times. Even though I begged many times to know what was going on, also mentioning my continued pain.

Finally, I refuse to leave the office at the last appointment. I just refuse. They call my PCP office, confirm the referrals for all the Xrays.....and now,...8 months later and in pain that the pain meds don't even touch....a CT Scan is finally done and guess what? My scapula (which was shattered) and my ribs 2-11 which were broken through and displaced by 2 cm are STILL BROKEN - NO HEALING has taken place.

So NOW I am scheduled for surgery to plate my ribs with screws and other hardware. To reconstruct my scapula....which should have been done BEFORE I was released to NeuroRehab on Jan 22 or taken into Rehab Therapy at any location. I am mad. I am scared. I am bewildered.

Why haven't I healed. Why wasn't I listened to sooner? Why were they not more agressive in their treatment of my injuries and following up with them? Did therapy do more harm than good? How can we ever know? Will I die in surgery? I don't know. I just found out on September 11 of all dates that I am having this 4 hour long surgery....minimum....soooo scareddddddd.......

I feel like I need to make final amends and final steps in case I don't survive. Who will speak for me then? Who will make sure my family is okay? Who will help me now so I am not a burden for even a longer amount of time?

Man I am so sorry.....I think everyone here understands your fears!

After waiting so so long, guess better to get over with it....

To bad you couldn't of found a more caring Dr. earlier!....

I wish I had one good answer for you, but I don' for the frustration and anger confusion....Im right there with you!

Make a list to help remember and see if someone at hospital can help you with your concerns.....

Hang in there and keep us all posted!

I've not been here at the group for a while. I just read this now and want to let you know how sorry I am to hear all you have been through. I'm glad you finally got a true account of what's going on with you and causing your pain, just sorry the doctors didn't listen to you or do the needed tests they should have done sooner. Who is advocating for you ..... like a family or friends..... to go to the doctors with you and be there with you ?

I totally agree with what DavOD said, that everyone here at our group understands. We're behind you and you have good support here always to vent and have us root you on. When is your surgery ?

I am so sorry that it took them so long to listen to you and to find the real issues with your scapula and ribs :( I kept telling the doctors at the trauma hospital, the neurologist, the orthopedic that my head and neck hurt so bad I wanted to just die! I couldn't even think straight, they did ease some of it with occipital blocks, however the insurance company refused to allow me to get the Botox :( Before they found the fracture I begged for a cervical collar to provide support my neck, they refused, said it would only make it weaker :( I ignored them and purchase one online. To make a long story short it took over a year to get a new MRI, which showed I had a fractured neck all along :( We know our own bodies!!! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers while you face your upcoming surgery. Can you talk to a neuro psych or the neurologist about getting on something for anxiety while you are going through this stressful time? It really will help for you not to allow your emotions to get the better of you...I know this from experience. From hitting my head on a curb I had a huge growth/tumor whatever it was where I hit, I had to have surgery to have it removed and I hated to go under for it, but I openly discussed with the surgeon and the anesthesiologist my anxiety and they were amazing! I just kept telling myself, "Pam they do these kind of surgeries every day and they go fine". Try and keep your thought on good and positive things when they want to wonder over into the worry, doubt and scared area. For me this is a daily battle as I am a natural born worry wart :) Keep talking to people about your concerns, I wish you well :)