The Beginning of Rehab for Him

Yesterday Monday March 3, 2014 Helen Hayes Rehabilitation Hospital took in my Gabe. The emotions me, his mother and god-father felt at that very moment that we heard they had a bed for him and they were taking him was over joyous. I was a little hesitant because it is so far away from his family and me. But after arriving and seeing how beautiful the location was I felt a sense of calm. the facility is clean and well kept. Every single staff member that we ran into and/or met was incredibly friendly and helpful. It wsa hard leaving him alone once again in a new strange place not knowing how he feels or what he was thinking, and a few tears were shed. But the reassurance that every staff member made us feel was great. We called to check in on him that night and the nurse on staff in his room answered and knew exactly who we were.

She stated that Gabe told her he was in pain. We were amazed that the second we left he began speaking. But she made sure to let us know that he has still not begun to speak. She said he was wide awake and she could read lips since she had been doing this for so many years. I cried once again knowing that he was now in a place where they knew what he needed and what he feels.