The New Normal

Hello everyone, and thanks for the welcome, it's hard to believe that it has been 5 years already since my issues with TBI started, and even now, it has been very challenging to stay in the "norm", i was able to return to my place of employment, and due to many of the challenges of the job, I feel so overwhelmed sometimes, and there is nowhere to turn for help, trying to advocate on my own behalf seems to come across as complaining, so I go along with what most of my coworkers must assume.....that I am back to my old self. And why not, I look the same, unless you look closely at the "?" shaped scar around my ear, or place a finger in the hole over my frontal lobe.

Yes recovery has been good to me on the surface I suppose, yet the real challenges are the attempts to blend in, and try to flow as if it;s business as usual. I am wondering if any of you have these similar stories, there are days where I lose my cool, and say things that would have never been said before all of this.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and also for your supportive and thoughtful replies.

I think your most courageous for trying so hard. Thank you for sharing!

Hi MJ…sounds pretty TBI normal to me. Your awareness is keen. Try taking a break before or
when you feel yourself get agitated. The brain loves oxygen…take a few breaths and pause in conversation. Also, as a disabled person in a job you may beable to get a :job coach…they help you navigate the work place. Try contacting your local Brain Injury Association for info or the web.

As mentioned previously, I think your most courageous for trying so hard! Most people have difficulty understanding that even after a person recovers from an accident, it does not mean they are the same as they were before. I think this is the hardest for family and friends, who seem to have difficulty understanding the most. Continue to remain patient with those around you, knowing that understanding may be a slow process. At the same time, I encourage you to not stuff your feelings down or pretend to be someone your not. Rather, if the need arises, share how your feeling, and let those around you know when you need support. Again, Thank you for sharing!