Up to date

Right now I am dealing with the debilitating headaches. I am currently getting Botox injection in my head every three months. I get 20 injections per appointment and I have been two times and so far no relief from the headaches. I am working part time with a company called Home Instead Senior Care and I absolutely love it. Yes sometimes I do have to work with the pain but so far I haven't had to call off from work because of the pain. I help seniors as well as younger people who need a little help in their home instead of being a nursing or retirement home. When I am not working and my headaches aren't too bad I volunteer at the local Humane Society and I love helping out and giving the animals there all the love and attention I can. I also transport mainly cats and dogs to and from the vet and the clinic for their shots and treatments. I also volunteer at a pet store called Stress Free Pets. I play with almost all of the animals especially the parrots. There is one parrot that really loves me and he is a Green Macaw and his name is Joey and then there is a Green winged Macaw named Cosmo that I take outside (weather permitting) to get him out of his norms. He weighs about 14 lbs and is very pretty. I have learned a lot from volunteering at both places.

When my headaches are bad I just sit in my recliner with my therapy band on (made of a bandana and two golf balls that put pressure on my temples) and a fan and I just relax until the pain is better. Unfortunately, the headaches don't always get better and I just deal with it. I guess you could say I just take life as it comes to me. Even with the bad headache pain my ability to help others as well as animals are a few of the things that keeps me going!

Todd, how terrific that you volunteer for Home Care and the Humane Society. I think Cosmo has good taste. :) It's inspiring that you can help out so much even with the headaches. Thank you for posting!

This is so inspirational, thank you for posting. I have heard that giving is the way to healing, I pray that your head aches lessen each week.

Todd - my name is Charli - you stated that have Botox every 3 months. So do I - I have for several years, do you take any other meds with the botox to help with the headaches? I have been on Topomax for some time and now they are taking me off of that. Not sure why yet. Worried cause headaches are getting worse. Any suggestions? thanks.