Where do I start?

I felt my epilepsy playing up the awfull prewarning signs before it happens. I have been very stressed these pass couple of days. You never guess what but I forgot to take it this morning. How an earth can I forget as take it twice daily at set times.

Have anyone else had this?.

It is lucky that I stayed at home as had a mini one pettymal is it called. From now on I will be setting reminders.

It’s almost like I have got dementia setting in. I need to laugh at myself because this is the high light of my life. Time after time again. Sometimes sooner or way later weeks can pass.

I haven’t been sleeping too well either can be a trigger for epilepsy for me. Do others share this?.

What is your triggers.

I had from my accident then grown out of it, I was put on mood stablizers at 16 years old. Had it ever since.

Do others see the link?. I tried to plea with them about this. But no they took no notice.

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Hi Danielle. I forget all the time. It isn’t personal and it isn’t unique to you (hopefully that makes you feel a little better). I have reminders in the calendar. They go off as alarms on my phone. If I choose to ignore them, well that is my problem. For me the whole thing is a vicious cycle, where one bites the tail of the other one a little bit and they all get made and rile each other up. Well I wish it was that funny hahaha. So, that can happen. The triggers are pretty interesting. I can just think about something and it sets me off. So, that is interesting. It is all pretty interesting hahaha. Well you and I see it, so that makes two people. Even if they don’t see it, we can see it. You will find a doctor who does. Keep at it!

Hey Danielle,
Fortunately for me I do not have to deal with epilepsy personally, but I do have some knowledge regarding epilepsy. In general there are 2 types of physical seizures: Grand mal and petit mal. As the names suggest grand mal are bigger and can involve slight tremors through to full body thrashing during an episode. Petite or petit mal have less physical symptoms ie thrashing/shakes, but more of what is known as an absence (And some call them ‘absence seizures’) , ie staring of in the distance. Sometimes they may show with a rapid eye movement, but very rarely do petit mal present with a loss of consciousness. One thing that is common for individuals with epilepsy though, is an exhaustion after an episode, like your body’s energy has all been zapped.
As I say I do not have epilepsy BUT I am forever forgetting medication. My memory is @#$% now. I have a watch with an alarm but that has one alarm, some meds are 3x per day, so I use my phone to give me those other additional reminders as well. Well, that’s what I do anyway.