3 months last year

Hey so last year I was in the hospital for 3 months. Unconscious the first 2 weeks a tree cracked my skull open and my brain was covered in blood. Had to relearn how to walk eat talk etc. I even had a breathing tube in for a while too so I have a mild scar on my neck now and on my stomach from the feeding tube. It took me a while to fully recover but yeah it is exhausting how my life was basically put on pause for a year. I don’t have a ton of leftover symptoms but my memory my acne is a little off sometimes.

Hey Bethany,
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My memory is awful too. I need to write it down or POOF and it’s gone. I have a diary that I need to keep notes in. When my wife was working she’d ask me to do things, she’d come home and I done a whole different lot of things but not what she’d originally asked. It was a bit frustrating for us both, hence I now have lists.

I started out with bits of paper, but I’d lose the paper or pick up a list from last week, so now I use a diary to keep a track. Helps me to follow and note any pain cycles, medications and when I’ve taken them (or when I haven’t). All of my appointments and who I’ve seen and for what.

Ohh and that exhaustion from putting everything on hold, that’s normal. Don’t be trying to go back into ‘life’ and the same pace as before. I tried to do that, doing myself more harm than good and it damn near killed me. Slowly, slowly is the only way to do it.

This ‘Recovery’ thing is not easy. We need to make adjustments along the way, some little, some not so little, but we learn to adjust. And be kind to yourself. You’ve had a MAJOR trauma. Recovery takes time.


Hi Bethany, I had my first haemorrhage 21 years ago and used this site in its primitive form…21 years on I’ve just had my 2nd in september 2020 during uk lockdown. And then my 3rd during brain surgery in November…I’ve had enough! Just wanted to check in, with other like minded people who are in need of a chatxxx

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