Anyone have problems with their legs?

Not been on here for a very long time, my accident was in 2013.

2 cars hit me and in turn I hit my head very hard, also had neck, left arm and shoulder and back injuries, diagnosed severe concussion which resulted in seizures.

About a year after the accident I noticed my left leg would sometimes drag when I walked but it stopped.

For the last few weeks or so the same thing is happening but other things too, my legs just don’t feel right, hard to explain, as I’m walking they will either feel so stiff as I take steps, either foot will scrape along the ground or my legs feel Ike they have a mind of their own, as I out my feet down my legs feel as though they are moving weirdly.

I hike a lot with my dog but this is everyday now.

I’ve rested and not walked or hiked but nothing helps.

After the accident and occasionally now my feet will like they’re burning.

I have an appointment to see my Dr but just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this?

Thank you.

All I can say is my left side is weak?..Its not like it gives out but sometimes its not as strong…I catch myself and pause…


I had my accident was in coma 3-months the guy went through the light @actually tore my car in half. I awoke from a Coma and was determined “I didn’t come into this life this way I will not go out this way”. My gate was horrible and I got mad and mad myself walk. Well approximately 1-year later my Ankles Swelled and it felt like I had no feet. Dr Did a Ultra Sound on my lower legs and found Venous Valves I guess I was born with those Veins. Anyway sometimes feels like my legs aren’t there and my lower legs and feet burn when I lay in bed it feels like I don’t have feet. Very Strange, perhaps TBI changes more than are Brain. Well Onward.
Take Care

The brain is the body’s computer CPU (Central Processing Unit) and it controls everything in the body. I explain it a bit like this:- If you opened up you computer box and threw in a hand full of alfoil flakes you’d have short circuits all over the system and that’s if the computer ever worked properly again at all. A TBI can have the same effect on the body’s CPU. Then to compound the issues, no 2 TBI’s are the same. 2 people can have exactly the same injury but have vastly differing outcomes. Even trying to compare TBI’s can be problematic as every brain is wired differently and this can mean that any treatment can need to be very personalised to meet the needs of that specific individual. It certainly is not a case of one size fits all.


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Merl, Thank-You that does make a little more sense. When I came out of the Coma I told them I came back in a Different Dimension. Doctor said 22-years she had never heard someone say that so 10-Years I believed her and thought from that point on I would keep saying this accident didn’t just give me a Brain Injury it did a Whole Body Injury. Just felt everyone was like that? My sister said stop blaming everything on the Brain Injury but your right it is all because of the Brain Injury. I asked the doctors to fix my head and they kinda laughed and said we cant we have been trying for 37-years,Sorry.

Hey Addsspice,
To a point I do agree with some of your comments and if I sit down and really think about it all… …Ohh boy, what a mess.

In a hospital setting primarily they look at the physical person ie do your limbs work? do your eyes work? etc, etc. The psychological and emotional impacts are often left to the individual to manage.

Initially, post surgery I was too busy managing my physical symptoms, of which there were many, to be thinking of much at all. I must admit I had a very good support system around me which helped immensely, but after a couple of months I was left with ‘Me’ and I started thinking, going over and over and over it all WAY TOO MUCH. It was driving me crazy and I needed help. I needed to ask for help and for a stubborn male like me, that wasn’t easy.

I spoke to my pcp and he made a referral to a counsellor and we were able to work through a few things. I have to say here, when I talked to some people about it all, they looked at me like ‘WHAT? That can’t be happening…’ they had no idea of the realities of it all. Let’s face it, not everybody goes through something like this. The common idea is you have an injury, you rest, you recuperate and life goes on. Only that wasn’t the case for me, it was like someone pressed reset and the former ‘Me’ evaporated. So now what? And this has been a huge battle for me. Now what?

I’m not going to tell you ‘it gets better’, for some, sure, it gets better, but for some it doesn’t. Have things improved from the initial injury/post surgery? Yes. Am I back to my former self? No. Will I ever be? I don’t know, but I strive for better and that’s about as good as I can get. It gives me something to aim for ahead of me, improvement. For a while I kept looking behind me at what had happened, why and who to blame. A long time ago someone told me “If we keep looking behind us all the time, we trip over the little things right in front of us.” I need to be looking at the ‘now’ in front of me and less at the ‘before’ behind me. I can’t change what’s behind me, just focus on the here and now.


Depending on what part of the brain an injury may throw you balance off or it could be nerve damage. It was however impossible to even move coming out of my coma. Sounds like you just need to heal dude. Brain takes a long time to heal and cant regrow completely dead tissue.