Disability Services

Do people have assistance from external services?
I have been considering asking for some assistance. Service structure is under going some major changes here in Australia and from many reports the changes have not been so good. Previously the state govt had oversight of services and payments. Now they have changed the structure. So now we can ask for assistance to fund required services but then technically we become the employer, so the oversight is ours. Now this is OK for people who know what services they need, what services they can access and are able to be vocal enough when service providers are not meeting a specific need. But for those who don’t know or can’t/won’t or feel intimidated speaking up can be a little confrontational. To avoid this I’ve avoided asking for assistance.

I’d like to have some set ideas/roles for any supports so that all parties are aware, a bit like a contract I suppose. The only problem I have with set roles is that today for example I went shopping and that was OK, until I got home. After all the stimulation of shopping I had a killer headache. I put all the fridge/freezer stuff away but left the rest till later. But there’s nothing to say that next week I could even leave the house, so I need that flexibility. It’s a bit difficult to have a fixed role but still have flexibility.

Any suggestions please?