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This doesn’t pertain specifically to me. I have a really close friend who’s 16 year old daughter has a TBI. Her care has drained the family of their financial savings. Can she get disability for her child??? Everyone that is able to work is working but it hasn’t brought enough in. They are in debt from the 60,000 dollar hospital bill that they have to pay. Any suggestions would be amazing and greatly appreciated.

Wow Adilyn, I just want to say thank you reaching out and this concern/care you have for your friend. This is special having your care, as it upsets me when people numb out and are emotionally unavailable. This pride of getting through problem by tuning out can become a real problem, as certain people refuse to see a problem. I really get angry for this refusal to act. I just want you to know I am pleased you want to work for the good of others and the good this brings to the world. Thanks again.

Yes, they should start now, it takes months if she is even eligible.

Very sad as it sound as the family doesnt have any insurance…or insurance that pays?

But this is the norm now, it just gets ignored.

There child is on that states insurance. That is after insurance had paid what they are willing. Thank you for your answer.

With me being in Oz our situation is a bit different as we have universal healthcare. We hear news reports that your dear president is dismantling Obamacare, which would have offered a similar universal cover. Here, if an individual wishes to use a private hospital or private services they have the choice to have private health insurance cover, but unless you have top cover which costs top $$$$, many services are excluded. But within our public health system most services are still covered.
The problem I see is that it is not until people need health services that the idea of universal healthcare has merit. The lack of foresight by govt is huge. If, rather than looking at the cost to the economy, they focused more on the long term benefit of a healthy nation, this would benefit everybody. But then govts are really only interested in the time in which they are in power and the long term impact is inconsequential to them.
I am unsure of what sorts of benevolent institutions there are in the U.S., but here there are some who will fund health needs outside of the public system. For example, some equipment that can be of assistance within the home may not be covered by the public system but requests to PBI’s (Public Benevolent Institutions) can often cover the gaps. I have in the past needed to make such applications to meet the needs of my client group and when the documentary paperwork work has been provided, showing a genuine need, these applications have been rather successful. I have found that by having an external agency or an advocate making the application, rather than the individual themselves, the requests are viewed more favourably. Some church groups ie Salvation Army, Catholic Family Services or Saint Vincent de Paul etc also have access to such funding. They can also act as an advocate for other sources of funding. They may not cover the entire cost but they can make the whole navigation of the systems a lot less stressful for everybody involved, so it may be worth investigating external options.
Now, my information may not be relevant for the U.S. in regard to Public Benevolent Institutions as it seems this may be an Australian terminology, but such organisations must exist in the U.S., just under another name/title possibly.
Hope it helps