Does it ever end

I am about speechless, my husband had unexpected open heart surgery yesterday. They thought he had diverticulitis sent him to get a cat scan. Called back said no diverticulitis but that he had infarctions on the kidney and spleen. Told me since his legs were hurting I needed to take him to the ER (it was after hours) to get a vienus dopler to check for clotting. No clotting but when the ER Dr was looking at the earlier cat scan he said that Bill needed to be admitted and have an echo done that something was not right. That was tuesday night. Wednesday they did that and discovered his aorta valve was infected, and was leaking profusely, said it was going on for awhile because that side of the heart was enlarged . It was breaking apart and sending particles that were being colected by the other organs an was lucky non had made it to the brain. Turns out the infection is callec VRE and is picked up in hospitals they think after his accident when he was hospitalized he was catherized several times got a UTI that that is what started it. Im so thankful they found it replaced the valve. But my head is spinning how did we get from A to B. This is the second time he gas been hospitalized since being released from rehab and they say its some how related to the accident. This is the accident that keeps on giving :(

thanks for letting me rant! He is doing well since the surgery!

I am so glad to hear your hubby is doing better. Funny thing, on Sat. my huby was leaving for work downstate. He called me several hours later to tell me he was at the hospital and they were admitting him. I guess he'd been having chest pains and it was taking more and more nitro to take care of them. They did a procedure on Monday and he is doing great. He had 2 90% blockages in his arteries and it was a very good decision made on his part, to head to the hospital. He's had a triple by-pass and knows now he has to change his lifestyle. He probably shouldn't work but we'll see about that in a while. Lots of things to figure out.

You guys take sweet care of yourselves and I really hope this is the end of the accident that keeps on a giving.

Anytime you want to talk and I'm on...give me a shout,


Thanks laurel. So happy your hubby knew he needed help glad he is doing well.

Tigger2 and gotThatcall, I hope both of your husbands stay well and strong. This is the type of excitement that nobody needs. Wishing them well!

Thanks dancermom, I have to say today my husband was better then he has been in months! He has to stay in a rehab for 5 weeks because he will be on around the clock IV antibiotics for that long and the ins does not cover enough of that to do it at home. This heart thing really must have been kicking his butt..He is still tierd but thats to be expected his surgery was just a week ago. But he was so much more animated when he talked today and yo smiled more. Whe got ready to come home I mentioned I had a headache he kissed my forehead like he use to pre-acccident! I feel blessed!

I am so glad, tigger2. Thanks for the update!