Will this ride ever stop

hello my name is crystal and my son received his tbi after being hit by an intoxicated driver. a friend that was also with my son was killed in the accident. my son suffered a diffused axonal brain injury. after i read up on it i realized they say 90% of the people who receive that type of tbi remain in a semi concious state. thats not the case with charles. after they took off the sedation meds (didnt realize u needed methadone and valium for withdrawal) he fully woke up. he has some left side weakness and is doing pt ot and speech therapy now in wake med inpatient rehab. they gonna let him come home for thanksgiving but i gotta take him back. dont get me wrong i thank GOD my son is alive and thriving but i would like to beat the crap out of who did this to him. when he gets home then we have outpatient rehabs and court dates and civil suits (blah blah blah). im bout to lose it i guess i just want to vent. some days im fine and others well any caregiver knows how i feel.

Crystal, it makes sense to me that you are angry. An irresponsible person harmed your child, and you are grieving for him as well as his friend. It will take time to process and reach some kind of acceptance. I hope your son is able to come home full-time soon, as I am sure that will help you heal. All the best to you both!

Hello Crystal. My son was hurt while driving his dirt bike home. A cop chased him 78 mph. His helmet flew off and the cop supervisor called off the chase. The cop continued to chase him. My son hit a tree was thrown 38 feet and sustained a DAI. He is still in a minimal conscious stage. He is on a lot of sedation meds. Don't wont take him off because of his tone. I know the feeling of being angry, mad, and wanting to yell at that police and my son. It is a lot having him home. He is total care. It is going to be all right.

Crystal, My name is Rick, I am post TBI DAI from an MVA 81101, yes I know a long time ago. I was in a coma for a mnth and a half, wheelchair, walker, cane. Was in multiple hospitals for over three or four years? I walk with ataxia in my right leg, so running is kinda hard, but at least I can walk :) iT WILL BE A LONG TRIAL TO HAVE TO GO THROUGH, BUT DO NOT LOSE HOPE, sorry cap locks:) Try to get a to do list together, like a monthly, or daily list, and have him set goals with what he would like to obtain? They have to be realistic also, like to be able to tie your shoes, or be able to climb the stairs, or ? iT COULD BE EVEN TO BE ABLE TO WALK A BLOCK OR TWO, OR A MILE? Baby Steps in achieving a task!