Facing the facts

Back in the beginning of 2013 I met a wonderful man that was very understanding of my tbi and symptoms. He helped me understand the things I could not and dealt with the depression, anxiety, and me better than anyone I have ever met.

Unfortunately when he realized it was never ending, it wore on him and he eventually left. Told me it wasn’t something he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

I am endlessly saddened by the fact that it is never ending, and how it’s not good grounds for a happy and healthy long term relationship.

Don't give up, Anna. If he couldn't go the distance, it is better that he acknowledged that so you could both move on. I am sorry -- I'm sure it hurts. But not everyone is the same.

Very sorry about your situation....Same thing happened with my marriage....

I am alone, but I look at it as a little less confusion now in my life....

My best advise is to take more time meeting people and finding friendships....you will lose some along the way...but the true friends will help you!

I found it much harded from people who knew you before TBI than after...why? Well my spin is they have nothing to compare to...its just you as they have now met you...don't open up at first, be guarded and good things will happen..

I hang out a coffee shops, meet knew people all the time(all ages) Give it a try...takes a lot of time but well worth it...( better than a bar!) semi joke there...

Be well, and know your not alone... :)

Thanks dav, I am going to try that out and see how it works out for me. :slight_smile: