Has anyone yet had a relationship last and work after their injury? I have yet, mostly it seems due to the fact that the my injury presents itself in interpersonal relationships. I am honestly loosing faith in ever meeting someone. I'm turning 30 and while I have a child, that relationship didn't last. My last one didn't either, mostly because he is a widower with his own issues and just didn't understand my issues. At his point in life, who wants to be with someone that is such work and will only possibly continue to be more work at such a youthful age? So I am wondering, is it really possible? Or just a dream that may never come to fruition? I am highly functioning over all, but my social skills are very poor once it goes beyond shallow interactions.

Yes it is possible, I got hurt 25yrs ago and have been married for 19yrs. I got lucky enough to meet a kind soul who didn't really know me before I got hurt so she knows me as I am. We try to laugh at my mental errors, or I try to view them as a joke when I can. Im 55 and I watch my (so called) normal friends still looking for love. I know that doesn't help you right now but all I can say is hang in there. Its weird to say but I don't think I would have gotten married had I not had a TBI, I was going to fast and to focused on things that really are not important in the whole scheme of things. In ref. to your blog I started to date my wife when I was 32 and my TBI was when I was 30. In summory its NOT a dream, if someone married my silly a*s and is till putting up with my craziness anythings possible. Hang in there SADZ love might be right around the corner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remain positive and hopeful and don't give up. You never know what the future may hold. Don't lose your faith and hang in there

Great insight johncaelen, yes hang in there

johncaelen ~

Thank you! Yeah, I know in time I may meet someone. Hell, my ex might finally be able to get past his own grief over the loss of his wife 5 years ago. Anything is possible. I try and stay positive, but it is hard. He was the only one who has even told me I am not my injury and that I can get past it all. Which is great, but then again that issue arises of learning to accept when I just can't get past something because I have hit my limit due to my injury. This was a main topic of my old support group.

Brighteyeshazel ~

Thank you for your kind words! They are appreciated!