Always worse

My tbi is getting worse throughout the years. I don't know if it's just because I'm getting older or maybe this is a progressive thing that I have no control over. I've been on disability for more than twenty years and been given almost all the diagnose that psychiatry has to offer and most of the medications to deal with said disorders. I can't seem to find an answer.

Wow, Gerry, I need to ask this exact same question! It’s been about 27 years now, and I’m worse off now than I was 2 years after. I don’t qualify for disability because its been 7+ years since I worked.
How is your memory? That’s something I miss. My thoughts also drift, so my sentences are always jumbled. When I talk to people, they have no idea what I’m talking about. It actually makes me cry.
This was just to let you know you’re not alone. (I also have a problem with turning every conversation around to ‘me’. Something I learned is common with most headtraumas)
Before I bore anyone else, I’m signing off.
Good luck!

I have similar problems. I am 65 and one would expect some slowdowns with age. Dang it! I have had repeated concussions over the 45 years of my adventures.

I have little memory from first 4-5 years after the initial injury (age 20), then proceeded to become very functional and passed for (Normal) from 25- 55.

Since age 56 and another injury, I have been living with PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and it was getting better. I then took a job as a primary caregiver(meaning she lived with me) for a young woman who was classified as being in the "difficult to care for". This put so much stress on me that just before we reached the 2 year anniversary in spring 2014, I nearly had a mental breakdown and could hardly function.

I am now filing bankruptcy, my home is being forfeit; “Deed in Lieu of foreclosure” no profit after 10 years of owning it. I have one daughter as POA handling those financial matters and my other daughter and I live together I keep house best as I can, laundry, cook, mending, cleaning, dishes etc. Not a thorough job by any means because of my physical limitations as well, which have increased exponentially in the last 5 years.

We have a small yard and apartment. It could take 20-30 minutes to mow the yard it takes me 1-2 hours.

Life is much easier now with my daughters handling most of my affairs and I do not have much stress, plus I get plenty of rest which makes everything easier. Still I have many lapses and blank spots occurring.