Hi I'm Karyn

Hi, I am khakionly. I had a car accident in 1995 which changed my life. I was 25, and am 46 now, so that’d be 21 years, right? In 4 years, I’ll have been handicapped as long as I was not. I can walk slightly with a walker. Not fully, or long-term, but that day will come, I believe. I have a speech deficit and, while I can talk, I can rarely be understood. My memory has been… well, damaged is the ony description that is adequate. I remember things for about 5 minutes, which is an improvement. My long-term memory, memory before my accident, is decent.

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Hey there, Karyn!

It’s great to meet you. There are plenty of people here who have had experiences similar to yours. You aren’t alone. And if you have trouble speaking clearly, it certainly does not show in your keyboarding, because you are coming through loud and clear!

We’re glad that you joined us, and we hope that you will be too.

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I know what it’s like to have your life changed in a moment. I also have 2 sons. My memory is horrible w other many neurological deficits. You and your family can find some comfort here because we all can relate to different aspects for sure. I have made many friends from this site alone. Sometimes a good neuropsychologist can help give you strategies and be supportive for your whole family. They specialize in brain injuries or neuropsychiatrist,. Hope you find comfort in this site, take care

Nice to meet your Karyn.

Hi Karyn and welcome. It sounds like you have a positive attitude, which is great!
My memory is shot too, so I can relate. I make lots of notes, both on paper and on my phone.
I still forget stuff, but its ok.
Its nice to meet you.

Hi Karyn, I love hearing that you continue to expect to walk more! My injuries date back almost ten years and I have now met at three TBI survivors who were in wheelchairs and are gradually going from wheelchairs to walking. One is actually even driving for two years now. One of these friends, a fellow by the name of Michael Coss, has several YouTube videos made about him and his words and his determination have been very inspirational for me and others.

Anyway, I wanted to say hi and wish you well. Cheers!


Hello! Welcome! Don’t worry we all understand here. Don’t feel self conscious or be afraid to talk to us here. Everyone is pretty understanding here :slight_smile:

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Hallo, Karyn! Welcome to our beautiful support network! :blush:
Sounds like you have damage in your right prefrontal cortex, just like me. Hope my posts give you come helpful ideas :blush::green_heart:

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