How much sleep do you all usually need?

Normally now I need around 9/10 hours of sleep to not feel like I’m hung over when I wake up.
Like 4/5 hours and I’m having a bad time.

How much sleep do you all need?

I went for 7 to 8 years getting only a few hours of sleep and it was awful, and on the rare times i got it, it was filled with nightmares!

Since getting my MM card I get 6 to 8 and I have been comfortable in bed so in all a good 10 hours of rest is very helpful for me. Good sleep no nightmares has made me a different person! ( thats according to the people around me)

My son usually gets 8-10 hrs. each night. If he can get a 1-3 hrs. nap, he feels much better and it seems to help with his “thinking” and mental process. :slight_smile: He said his dreams are like a movie. When the movie ends, he immediately wakes up. Anyone else have “movie” dreams?

Hah yeah I have movie dreams I’m usually annoyed when I get up because I want to know the ending.

I get 5 to 7 hours a night, and I’m good for the day. I get an hour or so of what i call closing time, when i shut down, sleep for about 6, and I’m good to go for the day. If i need more, my body lets me know with a headache, which gets progressively worse, until i take some down time. Usually not nap, just time when i just sit. I was never a big sleeper, but getting up in the morning used to be a struggle. Not any more! Now it’s hard NOT to get up!

In the beginning I slept for 9 hours and napped for 1.5 hours.

Now I sleep for 7.5 and nap for 15m.

If I can get 7 to 8 hrs, I am good. I usually don’t get that though.
I have dreams like movies, too. Sometimes they seem to go forever, which wears me out :), then when I wake up even if its still night, I lie awake trying to figure out what the dream might mean.

I get about 7 hours (sometimes less) on the weekdays and 9 on the weekends. I feel better when I get 9. I have a difficult time falling asleep though.