TBI and sleep

I found an interesting article regarding the importance of sleep in recovering from a TBI and thought it may assist others. It’s certainly an area in which I have had issues.


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Thanks for sharing that. Sleep wellness has been a continual area for improvement in my life.

I have an issue with staying up late, try to get about 5 or 6 hours

Hey Rick,
That’s one of the reasons that I posted this here, as I too have issues with my sleep patterns. I try to keep sleep time and hours of sleep regular but this is not always possible. Sleep management is important for the brain, but management can be a real battle. I’ve tried medications but find if I use it for 2 nights, come the third I can’t sleep without it. Then if I use it for 2 weeks I find I need more and more to obtain a decent night’s worth. For me it becomes habit forming, so I try to avoid using it. I end up in a vicious circle of needing sleep but needing to avoid using meds to manage it. Grrrr. Again management is just such fun. NOT.


How can I manage to disconect from the waking world, like this computer, or trying to get to sleep before 3am.

There are a few differing techniques that can assist Rick.
I find I need what I call my ‘wind down’ at night, time away from screens, time relaxing before bed. If I go to bed with my mind running at 90/minute it can take hours to drop off. My understanding is that the light frequency of screens and the glow they produce upsets our body’s normal circadian rhythms. I’ve found anything that unsettles my normal rhythms can take days to return to normal, so I try to be fairly firm on keeping those routines.
There is also some ‘mood music’ that can assist in calming down our systems, this too may assist.


Oh, I figure I am all good with 5-7, 8 I tend to oversleep.

So, now you currently work, for this site?
If so, hmmm, who was the web provider during the years of like 2009?
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I’m one of the volunteer members of the Moderator Support Team for the Ben’s Friends Network. We have around 50 differing communities dealing with all sorts of rare conditions, one of which is TBI.
Yes, I do remember but our server, over the entire network, has changed since then. It was when the server changed that our association with our former chat platform also ceased.

I hope that answers your questions
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