I finally figured out my major problem is background noise! And how to help!

I have something called rat lungworm disease before my brain injury where all of my nerves were damaged. So I think the most severe part of my brain injury is that the nerve damage combined with my limited ability to handle a lot of information at once, and this very loud traffic noise is keeping me from feeling safe! I can’t even feel relaxed all my muscles are tight and whenever I hear that background noise! And I used to think it used to be better in my apartment because of the medicines I was on which I can no longer handle. But there were other things too, I always had calm, soothing background music playing and I also had this Fountain always running. And nowadays I’m not in the mood for music very often I want nature sounds! Just on soundcloud.com if you type in wind chimes, or wind, or rain, or nature there’s an infinite variety of backgrounds sounds that make me feel calm and safe and relaxed and then I have more energy! Simply by having an internet connection and using SoundCloud and my Fountain and having windows open a little bit and having my apartment organized with nice plants and a lot of Falls flowers is making all the difference in the world for me :slight_smile: I’m just able to do so much more now :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I think work environments to keep this in mind too

Yes noise is like Kriptonite to me! If Im outside I have nose canceling ear buds on…They have been my savyer for years. There reasonable in price after all these years…


Ah, I’ve heard of those, awesome! I think I’ll just put brown noise white noise ocean tracks on my mp3 player

Hahahahah, I’ve been suffering unbelievably with the traffic noise lagely- never once thinking closing my windows was a viable option! Ahhh, so quiet now. Wow. I only need to let fresh air in during the quiet times :blush::green_heart:

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