Listening to this helps me make it through a long busy highway walk

Just walking in the sidewalk downtown can be too much nerve stimulation, if your brain injury damaged your nerves like it did for me. Plus I had Lyme’s disease and rat lungworm disease so lots of nerve damage.
Gabapentin is helping a lot with that, but also what keeps me going and helps me tune out the overstimulation, is listening to a favorite song on Loop over and over slowed down. There are many ways to get a slow version of a song, If it’s a popular version of a song off and YouTube will have it if you just type in the song’s name and slow version or slowed down with it.
I use MX Player app for my Android, and as long as I have an mp4 it can slow down the song. I was able to walk farther today than I’ve been able to walk in many months. :frog:
Of course it helps that it was just the right temperature where I feel the strongest, and I had built up all my energy for aerobic exercise today so I was ready. My muscles and heart were ready :slight_smile:
I hope this helps you, let me know if you have any trouble getting the slow version of the song you want. Cuz I know how to download anything and slow down anything

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