I like happy places

I like happy places. I don't assume that is too different from most others. Going to Disney World is fun. I guess there are many happy children there. Maybe that qualifies it as the happiest place on earth, but it probably isn't accurate. The happiest place on earth is probably where you are happy. The Mickey Mouse clothing is something else I say. I don't know why wearing a golf shirt with a monogrammed mouse on it should help one feel better, but oddly, maybe it does. I guess memories are reconnected, and when some others see, and acknowledge the coolness it is nifty. I liked wearing the Mickey Mouse Monogrammed Golf Shirt to work. I have other T-shits with other cool places I've been. I like Goats on the Roof. It is a little place off of US 441 outside of Atlanta, going up to North Carolina. They have some neat Tie Dyed T-shirts. Disney is very nice though.

Family is nice. But someone asked if I have a problem with restlessness. I guess I like going places, doing stuff, getting out of the house. but I am 43 years old. 32 years beyond the accident.