Yesterday, Downtown Disney, then home, then shoe shopping,

Yeserday morning, we did some running around (my wife driving in our VW Passat), picking up a few things, dropping off some others. I had mentioned to Fran the other morning, Thursday morning, I believe, that I really liked the Mickey Mouse Monogrammed Polo Shirts. So, we went to Downtown Disney, to the store there figuring they's have the best most selection, probably of the shops. They were out of the extra large of the baby blue shirt, but we asked at the information booth, and they checked the database, and confirmed that another store at the Swan Resort property had the baby blue shirt, so I had them hold the shirt for me at that store, I got 4 more shirts that day. I like the substantialness of the Polo shirts. Then we came home, and later, we were off again to look at shoes. Fran opted to go to a store with a large selection, a big Peltz Shoes near the Brandon Mall, which she dislikes the traffic congestion around that mall, and I can see that yes, the mall has limited ways in and out, and traffic leaving the mall can be problematic at several times. But I am happy that I was able to find some shoes in the size 9 that were supposedly 6 E wide width. The other shoes tend to cause some pain across the top of my right foot which is about half a size smaller than my left foot, but oh well, the important thing is getting the good shoes. I was thinking that maybe I'd need to try finding some velcro strapped shoes, but as it happened, I needed to stay with the tie shoes due to the wide width. As an aside, the running shoes are lighter than the prior pair.

After shoe shopping, we stopped at WalMart, and I couldn't find my wife for awhile, and I went out to the car, thinking she only wanted to pick up potting soil, that she told me about, and waited by the bathroom, and walked around the store, but thankfully I did find her, and life was good. Then we were hungry, and we had a late dinner at Sweet Tomatoes, the French Onion Soup was very very good. We didn't eat as much of the salad, but the soup was good, and the bread wasn't bad.

Earlier, we had done the Bongo's restaurant at Downtown Disney for lunch, and weren't as pleased. I asked what the soup of the day was, and was informed it was split pea. I wanted that. I should have also specified that bread would be nice as well. Black bean soup came out. I had the black bean soup, and it was good, but when I asked about bread, I was informed that it was 3 dollars more, that was acceptable. There are probably not many who just have soup, and a kid's meal of steak. The waiter looked kind of funny scanning the room, looking for who ordered the kid's meal and the soup. I waved at him, and life went on. Maybe they did not have split pea. The bread was good, but being from Tampa, the bread isn't that same. Even though it may be similar, there are differences in bread. sure can get a lot done...I get so overwhelmed just shopping.. Then ad more than one store crowds and noise...

I would not be able two do half that....goes to show how different all our injury's can be from day to day...

I hope you had a great time!

Stumbling gets better, anxiety and nervousness gets better. Small steps.

davOd, this is after many years of recovering. I share that it does get better, but it takes time. Your mileage may vary. I do have periods where I get tired. I tend to get lots of sleep, still. I haven't been able to stay up late and see midnight on new year's eve on most times. Oh well.