I regained the ability to sweat and control my own body temperature!

Life changing Lee helpful that I eased my way, by chopping my lowered my .25 mg dosage smaller by 1/8 of a dose once every two weeks , and I already lowered the dosage once before to the lowest that you can get prescribed to you and filled at the pharmacy. but I knew it was time to ease off of it. I no longer needed it. I no longer hallucinate, or needed a mood stabilizer if I ever even needed a mood stabilizer I think it was just prescribed me cuz I Hallucinated.
I just knew in my gut that I wouldn’t go back to hallucinating if I got off of the medication. I was healed. And I had cured myself with cognitive behavioral therapy , and also by taking Ganoderma lucidum AKA reishi mushroom it pulled the THC out of my fat cells and other hallucinogens I had taken in my life that never quite left my system long ago and combined with my brain injury made me hallucinate.
So now I have the Blessed ability to control my own body temperature again!!! I am immensely more functional!!! For the first time in two and a half years, I can go outside and enjoy the summer!!! I don’t get the dreaded weakness when I overheat that takes a day or two to get over, and leaves trauma because I can feel that I almost died and it got harder and harder to risk ever feeling that again so I did less and less! It was ruining me I couldn’t stand it anymore! I am so grateful that I figured out and succeeded in the fact that I needed to get off risperidone and that I did get off of Risperidone! Medicine is a good thing but we all have to go to the root of our problem and treat the disease not the symptoms, and go at things in a holistic approach from all directions, healing spiritually sometimes nutritionally sometimes exercise socially Etc and often when we are strong enough to we need to ease off of a medication. It has to be done so very very carefully and only if your doctor says you can try it usually. But I have the rare gift of a doctor who appreciates natural medicine too. I can quote him by saying he was frustrated at how modern medicine off and just doesn’t work.
I can’t wait to tell him my success story :slight_smile: I hope this helps some of you too, because the ability to control your own body temperature again is awesome there’s nothing like it it’s like being reborn. And if some of you have been on a medication that stops you from being able to sweat for many years, it can be like up to six months before you see the results of getting off the medication. It can take a very long time to lower your dosage safely but it can be very worth it. And I’m not advising any of you to do it unless you really know that you have to try it and that you’re ready to it’s not something to do without great care because it’s very dangerous. But I’m so so so grateful it works for me :slight_smile: aloha

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