I feel better now

What I’ve learned about my own health is I have Cycles

I have time where I finally worked up by exercising the right patterns in a week, only eating what I need, singing dancing to having a lot of energy happy enough to like go to the art shop on Thursday and socialize and that’s my life for now I mean there can be little little things that you work at to get stronger and better but you’re just more like part of a newborn and your newborn regrowing brain so take it slow a

Lower and lower energy and boredom with my patterns and not enjoying anything anymore not even making arts and so I resort to laying and watching a lot of YouTube and Netflix and then eating a lot of just fun comfort food like chocolate and candy and french fries and breaded chicken not Avail and sometimes even like soda and beer like things and then it’s like my body builds up a huge amount of energy from all that sugar and carb I’ve overeating and all the relaxing I’ve done in my spirit so that I get back into healthier patterns slowly and have fun and make art again and I’m positive and get more aerobic exercise :slight_smile:

There are patterns in all things

Also, there’s nothing like classical music. It really does help growth and healing and good energy. And it’s so easy to find it’s on Pandora for free and YouTube for free whole playlists of it

It also helps me to think of life like The Sims, if you’ve ever played The Sims, and that we all have meters. A social meter, a comfort meter, food water etcetera cleanliness meters. Anyway I had to fill up my social meter in different ways to their different areas of socializing that we need. I had to write to my old boyfriends far away half across the worlds because we live far apart now and just writing a fantasy sort of story about him and me interchange both of us and just really helps me feel better too it was almost as good as getting things I can’t get any more any other way except with imagination


I want to thank you for what appears to be acceptance of yourself as you are. From my experience, self-acceptance involves painful truth about ourselves and yet if we can learn to accept our limitations it seems to create a better flow with life. The flow of life, at times, can be extremely painful and yet I want you to know you appear to possess outstanding qualities and there appears something about you that motivates people to develop themselves. This specialness about you appears to be your realness, like a light, and it makes me want to turn to a deeper acceptance within myself. So I affirm your value, your light, and deeply appreciate you offering your value to us. And thank you again for truly being a star, living your own interiority, living with your own feelings, and living your own identity. You are an outstanding individual, simply and genuinely.