A life changer

I am taking the leap of faith with getting back to normality. That is in to a routine. I am still studying and will be preparing for part time work. I’m happy about starting this new chapter in my life, the anxiety is there but I will need to hold on doing things.

Routine to me is important.

How did others get on with getting back to work?.


I started working 16 hours a week 5 months ago, it was very confusing at first, I would make jokes and over spoke to cover for my nervousness. I would say know that your going to be nervous/anxiety ridden. What Ive learned is that I’m very smart or smarter then a lot of people I work with but I have cognitive deficits. I work harder then most people I work with cause I’m so happy for my life to have meaning how ever small. I find myself complaining less or my outlook has gotten much better. I think one of the problems after a TBI is we come from a place of doubt (am I making sense? did I do that right?) I am sure you will do fine, you may struggle at first but keep in mind you are a fighter or you would not attempt to go work. After tbi it takes repetition but after things lock in, I’m sure youll be one of the best workers there because you want to work. I guess I should say now that I’m comfortable with my job I’m finding that I have conflict and don’t deal with it as well as before I got hurt. So that’s what I’m working on now. Like I tell my son “You never give up in this life” I’m really praying things work out at your job cause for me work is better then any therapy available.

Listen to your body, and don’t push yourself too hard and Slowly, slowly is my best advice. I say all of this because I didn’t. I didn’t listen, I pushed myself too much and tried to do the same as I had previously. In doing so I did myself greater injury that has put me out of commission permanently. Ahh don’t do that. There isn’t a day go by that I’m not kicking myself for my haste to return to my former ‘normal’. My ‘normal’ now is agony daily. I tried to tell myself I was building stamina by pushing past my limits when in fact I was driving myself into the ground.Your body will tell you when enough is enough BUT you have to learn the signs and not ignore them.

You say you are studying. What are you studying and where? Some faculties have counsellors and supports, use them to your advantage. Go speak to them, explain your situation, find out what services may be available to you. They may have tutors, they maybe able to adapt resources to accommodate, they maybe able to extend your learning outcomes. Such options are put in place to assist and if you are having difficulties, speak up. You may be surprised how flexible and accommodating some learning environments can be.
I agree routines are good BUT trying to maintain a former routine can line you up for failure. Circumstances have changed and you may need to adapt you routine for these changes. Start slowly, slowly. DO NOT be jumping in at your former speed, you will burn out or, like me do yourself a greater harm.
I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours and hope you reach every goal you set but do not be beating yourself up if at first it is a struggle, slow things down for your pace now and know we are here if you need to chat.


I volunteer more than anything, I get paid 100 month, I show up to work at 8 am with maintenance, take a hour lunch, work afts till 430, take an hour for dinner and dump trash till about 630. I put in 5 days a week and take weekends off. I’ve been doing that for two years, even tho I did take a month due to med issues and two weeks for a suicide attempt.
I do feel somewhat apprehensive toward work, everyday I have to force myself to motivate.

Very cool Danielle. Sounds like you want this, so that is a great.

Plan on over-doing it, because you will.

Prepare a really good plan for what it looks like when you over-do it. Again, because you will. That will make your turn around faster. And it will help you feel better about the whole thing.

One of my favorite “mistakes” was just having fun being around people, and doing more fun stuff then I ever would, and then it would catch up with me! Ouch hahaha.

So that is the good news, it is going to make you happy. Can’t wait to hear about how it goes (no matter how it goes).

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Thank you for all your replys, I got referred yesterday to a year programe and went to the place it will be held for more information. It will take 2 weeks before I get a letter inviting me to start.

I get an employment adviser too and luckily enough I have support around me. I went away with a few bits of information about it.

In the mean time I am working through the hand outs the tutor gave yesterday. To help prepare for a Math mock exam this coming Tuesday. I am excited and nervous. My plan is to go up through the levels over time in one choosen subject at a time.

I start a short course in October before an Open Degree it lasts between 3-6 years part time.

I live with my bf too he is very supportive.

I call him my romeo how sweet, and he calls me his julliet.

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I did the exam today feeling better.