Introducing Myself

Hi, my name is Andrea Erb. I am a brain tumor survivor. I was diagnosed when I was 15 months old. I have been off chemotherapy and has had surgery. I have been off treatment for about 5 years now.

Hi, its nice to meet you. How are you today?

I’m good CrystalStar, how are you?

Hey Andrea and CrystalStar,
Firstly, welcome to Ben’s Friends.
I too have a TBI as a result of a MVA as a young child. I had many symptoms over the years but nothing that was identified as having a physical cause until 20ish years later. Prior to that it was all labelled as psychosomatic. They then found an astrocytoma and I required a few neurosurgeries to try and manage it all. Over the years there has been many a ‘Chicken and the egg’ type discussions. Which came first? The growth or the MVA? What caused which symptoms? And every dr has had a differing opinion, which has been REALLY infuriating and confusing to say the least.

My last major neurosurgery was in 2013, but still today I deal with the many up’s and down’s that the surgeries could not remedy. I can assure you those up’s and down’s sure ain’t ‘Fun’.


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Meryl, I too have gone through health challenges. I was young when I went through things, but can relate to your frustration of getting the wrong information. I wish I knew why my tumor came and how it did. Hope everything goes good for you!

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Your tumor came because you can beat it and still live an amazing life during he time you have it.What good can you do now? Like can you by encourage others with tumors or something like that? When I focus on others who have less than me, have different struggles, ect It helps me to see how lucky I am.