Frontal Lobe Injury

I'm new to the group and I'm finding it very difficult to go on with my life. I was in a car accident on March 2nd woke up 6 days later not fully understanding how I got myself in the hospital. When I finally woke up the nurses were saying I was in an accident and I have a brain injury. I kept telling them I feel fine and if I could go home, but I wasn't fine. Since then I have been emotional, getting angry at everything and crying a lot. It has been three months, I'm still forgetful, I'm not as motivate as I use to be. Nothing isn't the same anymore. My family doesn't understand, I was living by myself with a good job. I just need some help before I give up completely.

determine what hurdles that you may wish to overcome, and take one day at a time, it will be a slow, extra slow process, and you will feel like throwing in the towel, but keep on trucking along, my MVA was 81101, numerous hospitals for over three or four years, coma for a month and half. Believe everyday that you are getting better, even if you may not see it, and be grateful for even the small things. Gratitude helps, and why not smile here and there:) You'll be fine, I can run, but I have learned that I just have to accept that now, memory is shot also, but, oh well, just keep on trucking along.

can't run!