Memantine Miracle!😃

I used to hardly have energy to ever move, nor have any capacity to deal with nerve pain and nothing would stop the nerve pain except overeating for a short time and then it would all get worse a couple hours after it was all digested.
but now thanks to my new prescription that my neurologist prescribed, memantine, all my neuropathy is gone as long as I get rest when I need it, and my stamina is so much higher! I can do much needed housework and chores and get myself to appointments with my electric bike! I can talk to friends online more and even in-person a little more often and for a little longer! AND ACTUALLY ENJOY IT instead of suffering the way I used to! :blush: it’s not a big difference to a normal person, but compared to how I couldn’t really ever be in person with someone without unbearable pain, and now I can maybe enjoy being with someone for half an hour to an hour :slight_smile: life is so much better now I am so happy. And I can just think more clearly… I can maybe understand an entire article instead of having to skip reading most of an article and hope I understand what they’re really trying to say in it from only seeing a few keywords… All thanks to memantine. Memantine is most often prescribed for dementia, but my neurologist prescribed it hoping to help with my short-term memory problem, and funny enough is just made more like the wide range of my memory better and more normal, I used to short-term remember things right away for maybe a day and then I would forget them because I was constantly panicked… And now the energy drain of the panic, and panic itself, is gone :slight_smile: and I’m more likely to forget something I just learned a few minutes after I learned it now, but that’s more normal. You need to study something over and over again to put it in your long-term memory to remember it long term… So if you try this medicine and notice a change in your memory, don’t give up on it it might help you are all over all brain function and nerve pain if you have it, and your stamina like me :slight_smile: ask your doctor about memantine :smiley::smiley::smiley::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

My neuropathy, nerve pain, is mostly from a rare thing called rat lungworm disease or sometimes known as eosinophilic meningitis that you usually only get in Hawaii or even more rarely in the southern United States… So maybe most of you don’t have severe neuropathy the way I did, but you might have neuropathy from Lyme’s disease or fibromyalgia. lymes disease definitely made everything worse in my life I had it so many times that they couldn’t cure it in the end, but antibodies are still fighting it off but removing sugar from my diet, added sugar, has helped all my Lyme’s disease fibromyalgia symptoms get so much better there practically gone :slight_smile: sometimes I have fruits like sour fruit is safe like an apple or a kiwi but you don’t want to eat bananas often and if you eat something with a little added sugar like a granola bar or something just really extra sweet like a banana… It’s a really good too do exercise after it like aerobic exercise to burn it off and then it won’t make your Lyme’s disease or fibromyalgia symptoms worse :slight_smile:

I really hope this helps you :blush::green_heart: