Metal Toxicity

I wanted to share an update on my current health condition. I insisted on a heavy metal testing,( I was thinking mercury toxicity due to amalgam fillings,) and lo and behold, they found ARSENIC! Once assured no one was trying to POISON me,(one never knows, does one!?) I am left wondering how I got it, and then, how to get RID of it! Also, wonder if brain injury leaves us unable to detoxify environmental chemicals. Anyone with any ideas?

Treated wood used in decks and fences can leach arsenic into the soil. If you ate vegetables from a backyard garden, you might pick up arsenic if the soil was contaminated. It can also be present in well water, as well as rice, fruit juices, and mass-produced chicken. I'm not sure how to best get rid of it -- did your doctor have ideas?

I am seeing a toxocologist in a couple weeks. I may have picked it up on a mission trip to Africa last year. I have checked into all the ways to best chelate, but will see what the MD. says. My PCP is doesn't have the knowledge about it, so off to another doctor! I just wondered if the brain injury could be related to the inability to produce enough glutathione , so I wouldn't become toxic.