MSG danger to brain injured

It is so important to avoid MSG especially when you have a brain injury. I have a brain injury and whenever I accidentally eat MSG I not only get a headache and feel woozy in my head, I have horrifica nightmares and a more vulnerable to panic attacks. MSG causes brain damage so it makes sense that it’s worse for those who already have brain damage. Look at your food labels, if they say monosodium glutamate, that’s MSG don’t buy it, or yeast extract, or hydrolyzed yeast or even natural flavoring can be MSG. Avoid all of these things to be safe. Buy Whole Foods instead of processed foods

Thing is, I researched this, and almost every food item contains MSG. Literally everything contains MSG. “Organic” food, shampoo, you name it.

That is not true. If the ingredients don’t say “natural flavor” or yeast extract or monosodium glutamate or hydrolyzed yeast etc it does NOT contain msg. You’ll also know because you won’t get a headache or feel tired like somethings wrong after eating. Msg is never ever in whole foods either. Like broccoli or rice or oranges.

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And when it’s USDA certified organic, IT DOES NOT contain msg

I have to agree. Since my injury I have a really hard time with processed foods with a lot of additives.