My Doc I'm calling 'TBI & MY LONGEST RIDE'

Happy Holidays & I wanted to share my brief Short story of how I got a s-TBI. I would bike commute for the last 10 years with my daily 32 miles route and was hit Head on by a car at 35 mph while I was bicycle commuting, no charges against 26 y/o male driver.
I was in a Coma for 5 weeks with a Glasgow coma scale of 6, 13 Titanium screws in my fractured hip, 7 neck fractures, Lazer surgery to re-attach my left ear to head, Defused Axnol Injury, Lf Defused Retina.

I wrote a article about my life changes and searched out for a film producer. I wrote to local Grad school programs and then later I came across Cheryl G. What is not mention in the story is that I hand built this bike from frame up because as someone on SSDI & low income, I can not afford a certified Track bike. So it took me a year to build the bike. I went to development Track classes for 4 years to get certified as a UCI Category 5 track racer.

My initial film plan was to have me describe what happened to me (non graphic) and the way I reached out to Naturopathic Doctor to film their practice and I had ROI and waiver ready for my doctor to preform Acupuncture, Neurofeedback, Healthy Nervous System treatment all while being filmed. I’m doing this to show other survivors that there is more options for Trauma support besides Big Pharm!

CoVid changed it all as in following the CDC guidelines, I was not able to have any of these Dr to demonstrate their procedures.

I received two Grants that this Doc received to create ‘TBI & My Longest Ride’ documentary.

Please share in your professional community?!



Congratulations on your journey through the challenges of managing your TBI.


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Merl, Thanks oh what a journey.

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