My Story

My story begins back in 2011. I had just gotten my ACL repaired and was therefore on crutches. I had gone to a concert with friends and we arrived home. I got out my friend's car, slipped on a patch of non visible ice, and that's all I can honestly recall. The next thing I know, it's 3 days later and I am in the hospital being told I had a concussion. I was monitored there for awhile until I was stable enough to go home. Then, over the next several weeks, my symptoms went from mild things like headaches, migraines (which unfortunately even to this day, some doctors still treat as the same thing), and blurry vision, to more severe things like blackouts and short term memory loss. I was working and going to school at the time, and my peers have told me stories of how I would seem half-dead at times, work on something and right in the middle, lose my train of thought and even leave my house, intending to go to class and never make it. I eventually medically withdrew to save my grades, quit my job, sought out more help to try and get some sense of what was going on, then go back to school the next semester. This seemed like a good plan to me at the time. Unfortunately, my condition did not improve. I ended up withdrawing after a 2nd hospitalization, and now am back home living at a friend's house on disability. The next 4 years are all filled with tons and tons of medical tests being done to figure out what is wrong, and I have very few answers. I have gotten to the point where I have 1-2 seizures a month, paralysis in both legs, and daily headaches (migraines at least 2x a week). My insurance sends a nurse to check on me once a week, my housing is not accessible so I am working to try and find something (problem there is during my darkest hour when I wasn't working, I ended up getting evicted from where I was while waiting for disability), but beyond this my support group is very small. So I am finally reaching out to a online community to others who have either gone through their own TBI, or are currently dealing with it to try and build a support group and learn about additional resources available to me. There are some details to this I have forgotten, and others I may have unintentionally left out, so feel free to ask any questions you may have and I will try and answer them.

Castle of Glass,

You've chosen a good place to join: this is a very supportive and positive place. Feel free to start your own discussion, or jump in and join any conversation that you'd like. we're glad that you found us, even if it is too bad that you're a member of the TBI club as well. People here "get it", so make yourself at home.


Welcome , you are traveling down the same road as so many here!

Do some reading, post questions, or just reach out to vent....Where here for ya, and understand alot of how you feel and what your going through.... :)

Your username… creative choice. Kudos to your perseverance.